The Inspiration Behind Arcturus and Solis

By Joe Jackson, Managing Director and Founding Member

I started being interested in mental health around 2005/2006 shortly after I was crushed by a fork lift truck (pro tip, don’t do this*) which left me with mild but near permanent chronic pain. I was looking around for ways to combat this and happened across hypnotism actually at an NLP conference with Dr. Richard Bandler. I am sure everyone has seen the trick stage hypnotists do where they get people to eat onions but because they believe they are apples their eyes don’t water and so on. I asked around to see if that principle could apply to pain. Happily, it absolutely can. Even though my left side is technically (well, OK, actually) wrecked I can still get out and about pretty well and don’t even notice there is anything really wrong unless I overexert myself at which point I get a reminder to slow down. 

The work I did with that was largely inspired by Dr Milton Erickson, a psychiatrist from the US who had a phenonomal success rate with all types of patients (91% according to Professor Ernst Rossi). Along the way I picked up qualifications in Applied Psychology, Clinical Uses of Hypnotism, CBT, EMDR and have been a private sector therapist for at this point 12 years. 

The inspiration for Arcturus was because of the sheer volume of people who rang my office looking for a diagnosis and the inspiration for Solis was even more simply because a previous job required me to get face to face therapy for car accident victims and it was a massive pain in the arse. If it was difficult for me to find help, with all my knowledge, I figured it would be even harder for people with no knowledge whatsoever. So, we Diagnose, we Signpost.

Published by denverarc

At Denver Arc we are a team of Psychologists who share a passion for improving access to mental health services. We aim to link with those who have struggled with mental health to gain an understanding of the issues with the current system and develop tools to improve it.

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